SMS update

June 11, 2007

An update from yesterday … we now support city queries via SMS, for both US and Canadian cities. The syntax follows:

cty [city name], [state/province abbrev]


cty portland,or

cty vancouver, bc

cty san francisco, ca

Yeah, it’s REAL basic and we promise more coming soon… but think of it as a wonderful start! Now you can get the info on where to go when you’re on the go!


Email / SMS message support

June 9, 2007

I haven’t written here in a while, but I have very exciting news for all of you that follow safe2pee. We now have support for SMS messages (aka text messaging)!

This feature is still in early beta and the email address is rather long.

At the moment this feature only supports US postal codes. Have no fear though, we will be shortening the address, adding more information, Canadian locations and search by city soon.

Try emailing or texting local at safe2pee dot org. the syntax is as follows:

zip 94109

zip 11212

Again this is still in serious beta, so we’d love to hear your feedback!

Update! We now support queries by city. details, details

data how you like it…

April 25, 2007

Great news! Safe2pee now features a whole slew of feeds. Play with our data in Google Earth, make a widget for your blog from our RSS feeds or crunch the numbers in a spreadsheet. See index and city pages for details. The Plain Text version should work fine on most mp3 players, phones, graphing calculators, and other small electronics … we will release a more encompassing version of our directory in this form soon.safe2pee feeds

numbers speak volumes…

April 9, 2007

I’ve always been a fan of numbers, and believe that stats can be very telling. here are a few of ours.

The basics:

6,000 – 30,000 Visitors a Month

685 Bathrooms

201 Unique Cities


7 Photos

We’re really happy with all of the contributions that we have received, but compared to the demand we’ve only made a small dent (so far). Keep those submissions coming! We especially need locations in small towns.

The number of cities people have requested bathrooms for: 1,490. That means we only have bathrooms for a little over 13% of the places where people requested them! Granted information for places like portland or san francisco are most often requested, the lack of info for many small locales is unfortunate. i’m ever so tempted to take a road trip and scout bathrooms in small town america…

Bathroom Breakdown


Gender Free: 549 (~ 80%)

Gendered: 136 (~ 20%)


Accessible: 407 (~ 60%)

Unknown or Not Accessible: 278 ( ~ 40%)

This stat was a little alarming too. I have suspicions that a lot of the not accessibles might also be bathrooms of unknown status. We’ve linked to the great info at PISSAR and would love ideas on how we could succinctly but more comprehensively express access considerations to folks. We’re working on some ways to make it so you can modify submission attributes, so hopefully that will allow people to investigate a bathroom further and update things!

Availability (Feature introduced long after launch)

Unknown or Not Set: 338 (~ 50%)

Stroll Right In: 191 (~ 28%)

Act like you know what you’re doing: 49 (~ 7%)

Sneak In: 26 (~ 4%)

Free if the right person is working: 10 (~ 1%)

Free if you flirt with Employees!: 6 ( < 1%)

You Should/Must buy something: 45 (~ 7%)

Pay Toilet: 3 ( < 1%)

ID or Admission required: 7 ( ~ 1%)

I think in all, it was a worthwhile effort to compile these numbers. it gives an interesting breakdown of where we are now and what we need to do to improve our service. enjoy.

new title

April 2, 2007

we’ve changed our title from safe2pee, a gender neutral bathroom directory to safe2pee, bathrooms for everyone to better reflect the idea that gender-free bathrooms benefit everybody, not only those in the gender variant community.

it might take a while to update everything, but you should see this change reflected soon.

so i’m a nerd…

March 29, 2007

OK, this more or less satisfies a deep down nerdy fantasy of mine, and despite serious criticisms and reservations I have about the mainstream media, it’s somewhat of a guilty pleasure: we’ve been mentioned in WIRED magazine, and safe2pee is getting a huge amount of exposure because of it!

Many in queer and radical communities have embraced the site, and for that we are very thankful …. but I am also pleasantly surprised by how much credit and support nerd/geek communities have given the project. Certainly those communities can overlap, but it makes me smile a little extra. Perhaps these are forward thinking people who see connections between the cyborg and queering gender? Okay, well, maybe that’s asking a lot? Often time the language used in these tech venues does not fully express the breadth of the project but I think it is a good and important start!

I just talked with a friend in Oregon who said safe2pee had been mentioned at BRO meetings, a co-worker who visited Canada and the said someone up there mentioned the site in conversation (an early morning interview for RedEye, on Vancouver Co-op radio) which makes me think either a lot of people know about the project or the world is a very, very small place.

If you see the magazine, you can check it out on about page 40, or online in “The Best Google Maps Mashups.” If you want to know more, read this kick-ass article by the ever-so-cool Annalee Newitz, I think it captures us well, or check out some of the fantastic and amazing bloggers who wrote about us. This is only a few of the many people online who are responsible for the project being where it is, if you’d like to see more posts check out this page

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for me personally, though I think things may be beginning to settles down and there will be more time available to start some more advocacy / action campaigns locally in SF, with the hope to grow.

Thank you!

XOXO~ Bailey

Bathroom Liberation Front

safe2pee zine

March 21, 2007

The book fair was great and we got to hand out a lot of zines! If you weren’t there or you didn’t get one, have no fear, we’ve put it online …. it may not be perfect (a camera was used to take pictures of it on the floor), but it should be readable. Download the attached PDF (safe2pee zine volume #1) or check out a slightly less formatted version online at scribd

This is hopefully the first of hopefully many zines. It was put together in only a few hours for free distribution at the anarchist book fair. It is short and meant as an introduction to the subject…. to be economical, the entire zine is 8 pages, fits on one double sided 8.5×11 piece of paper!

anarchist book fair

March 17, 2007

I’ve put together a short, free zine on safe2pee and will be distributing it at the bay area anarchist book fair tomorrow and sunday. I hope to see you there! At some point I also plan to scan it and put it up on the site

If you’d like a copy or have an event coming up and would like some let us know, we can’t guarantee anything but will do our best to try and accommodate your request! With any luck this will be the first of a series of zines for us

canada now supported

March 10, 2007

After an interview on the radio program RedEye (Co-op Radio Vancouver) , we’ve hastily added support for Canadian cities to our site. Initially we had intended to delay expansion of the site until we completed a site move and backend overhaul, but we felt that using a few shortcuts to get this up quickly would be beneficial to the community, and would help us give our users what they have been asking for.


March 9, 2007

we’ve made a number of minor additions to the site, including fixing some minor bugs, and adding the ability to export data from individual cities, a recent bathrooms listing. we’re still in the process of moving, which is taking more time than expected.