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safe2pee is dead. long live safe2pee.

February 3, 2014

UPDATE: Some folks in the community have offered to take over and continue our mission! Safe2pee lives on through Refuge Restrooms.

Dear Community,

We appreciate all of the support, assistance and feedback we have received over the years. We feel grateful to have been a small part of a much greater movement advocating for gender neutral restrooms — raising awareness in the media, building alliances and working with so many individuals, organizers, college campuses, businesses, cities, LGBTQ groups around the world.

Started as a way to serve those in San Francisco, this project went so much further than we ever expected, and we remain in awe of the thousands of bathroom submissions it received. We chuckled at parodying our local startup scene and at drawing ire from a conservative commentator or two, feel especially proud to have shown safe2pee at the Museum of Modern Art. We tried our best to remain in the background and out of the way, to make safe2pee about providing an inclusive community resource, not about the people involved.

After working on this effort for the better part of a decade it’s time for us to move on. We love this project, but our core crew has been consumed by life and with other struggles and endeavors; lately, we haven’t given safe2pee the attention it deserves. Some of our code was written in 2005 and desperately needs to be re-done from scratch. And web based mapping, mobile have matured from clunky interfaces and hack-y mash-ups to well developed, mature spaces.

As we disband, we encourage you to go forth, collaborate and make the next safe2pee something the community can be really proud of: a spectacular open-source, non-commercial resource for everyone.

For the time-being our domain will remain pointed here, we are happy to link to developing gender neutral bathroom projects that are non-commercial and community focused in nature. You are welcome to use our database and mobile code as a starting point for your project. We are open to passing our name and domain along, if you would like to contact us, share your bathroom mapping effort, assume our name/domain, or have any other questions please email info at

Thank you, we truly appreciate everything the community has done for us, this site would not have existed without you!

We bid you adieu and wish you all the best,
Genderqueer Hackers


safe2pee 2.0 design

July 10, 2010

map1 site1 stats1

safe2pee mobile app

July 17, 2009

safe2pee mobile

After a long hiatus we have decided to update safe2pee! In addition to a new API, and many changes behind the scenes (the ability to modify /erase entries is coming, we promise!), we’re launching a mobile app.

The most exciting feature for us is the ‘nearby’ button, which uses your phone’s GPS (or other location capabilities) to determine your physical location and bathrooms within the vicinity (currently this works on iphone/ipod touch 3.0 software and android phones). We hope to soon expand this for bathroom submission.

If you would like to check it out you can visit it at or simply from your mobile device.

Please note that we do not store any information about your location. It is transmitted for the purpose of generating a list of nearby gender neutral bathrooms and immediately discarded. The whole process is opt-in, you are likely prompted to allow safe2pee to use your location before viewing the results.

This service is based on an draft of a new web standard and is known to work with Google Android and Ipod Touch/Iphone 3.0 Software. If you know of other phones or browsers that include this capability, please let us know (info at, we want to see it work on many as possible! One of the advantages of writing a web application over platform specific is that works for many more people. If you know a particular platform well and have the inclination, you can write your own app with our API

From your home computer you can use these capabilities via Firefox 3.5, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari 4 (an attached GPS device is required for this browser).

over 1000!

October 24, 2007

I’m proud to say that over the weekend we reached the 1000 bathroom mark! Thank you to everyone who contributed. We’re reworking a few things on the backend, which should improve handling of Canadian locations. You might not see some locations on the map for the next day or two, but this issue should be resolved shortly!

New Flyer

September 25, 2007

safe2pee flyer1

safe2pee flyer 2

safe2pee zine

March 21, 2007

The book fair was great and we got to hand out a lot of zines! If you weren’t there or you didn’t get one, have no fear, we’ve put it online …. it may not be perfect (a camera was used to take pictures of it on the floor), but it should be readable. Download the attached PDF (safe2pee zine volume #1) or check out a slightly less formatted version online at scribd

This is hopefully the first of hopefully many zines. It was put together in only a few hours for free distribution at the anarchist book fair. It is short and meant as an introduction to the subject…. to be economical, the entire zine is 8 pages, fits on one double sided 8.5×11 piece of paper!

anarchist book fair

March 17, 2007

I’ve put together a short, free zine on safe2pee and will be distributing it at the bay area anarchist book fair tomorrow and sunday. I hope to see you there! At some point I also plan to scan it and put it up on the site

If you’d like a copy or have an event coming up and would like some let us know, we can’t guarantee anything but will do our best to try and accommodate your request! With any luck this will be the first of a series of zines for us