Gender Neutral Bathroom Resources

Safe2pee aside, there are many are other queer bathroom resources out there. Something we should add? Let us know!


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Cool Queer Sites

Bathroom Related

  • Bathroom Diaries – another bathroom directory, though intended for travelers, and not specifically gender neutral.
  • AU Public Bathrooms – A public bathroom site created by the Austrailian Government
  • MizPee – A cellphone based service. Not specifically gender neutral.

64 Responses to “Gender Neutral Bathroom Resources”

  1. Erica Shen Says:

    Hi there,

    I am a journalism graduate student at Columbia University in New York. I am sure you have been getting quite a bit of publicity after the blurb in Wired. But I would like to write a story about your website, your zine, the concept behind it all for this new media class I am taking.

    I would really appreciate it if you can get in touch with me within the next week at my email or at (949)331-2032.


  2. Femme Says:

    Here is my issue.

    As a woman with disabilities, I take issue with the fact that most “converted” bathrooms were first created for people who have no choice but to use those bathrooms. The reason has to do with the design of them. The rails, which allow one to pull one off their chair or lower themselves slowly, the heightened seat which again allows for easier movement from chair to toilet and back. The counter and sink which is created to allow a person in a chair to use it with ease since it again is set at the right height with space underneath.

    It was these fought victories that liberated many people and allowed then not to be wearing diapers because the washrooms at the time could not provide proper usage, which I now see being taken away. Yet now we see them being converted for use for people who are very able bodied, who can walk up a flight of stairs, have no spinal issues which make it that much more difficult in waiting for that able bodied person to exit

    Don’t get me wrong I believe if someone feels they are neither gender then I can see how being forced to use one label to be uncomfortable. This tends not to apply to those of us who are transexual and fought for years to be recognised as ourselves.. Yes as well as being disabled physically I am also a transexed woman, so I have had to live that fear of beginning to use the bathroom which reflected my core gender identity, before my disability became severe. I understand the concerns of attack, harassment and possible police intervention. But like so many before me and after me, I survived and do use female washrooms when pain levels allow.

    So back to my point.

    I believe if there needs to be genderless bathrooms, they need to be newly created and not be the ones that were created to specifically support less able bodied persons. That means stalls not specifically created to support that other group of us that were never asked our opinion on the matter.

    Thank You

    • Tim Says:

      There is nothing in the code or laws of the USA that reserves the use of accessible toilets to the disabled only. The sole reserved barrier-free item in the law is the reserved parking space. Therefore, redesignating barrier-free toilets as “unisex” (common already) has no real effect on access.

      • spookiewon Says:

        She didn’t imply there was a law, or even that there should be. She said, people who are not disabled and are well able to use bathrooms not designed for people who can not PHYSICALLY use those other bathrooms are being disrespectful. And you’re wrong, it does affect ACCESS, it’s just not legally mandated. She can’t use it if you’re in there–that’s an access problem. Just because you are not legally barred from using a restroom for the disabled, doesn’t make it MORAL for you to do so. Your wording is especially troubling. Suggesting we can simply “redesignate” disabled restrooms as genderless restrooms says you believe transgendered people are more important than disabled people. That if you need something, it’s okay to take it away from someone else. You’re just a bigot, and like ALL bigots, you’re sure YOUR bigotry is justified.

        Let’s, instead, make ALL restrooms gender-free.

  3. adam Says:

    hey folks,
    This site is a really great idea, but is there any way it could be made world-wide? I live in Ireland, and there a quite a few places I can think of that could be included here. I had to find them by trial and error, but it would be great if people didn’t have to do that. Or is there somewhere else for England/Europe where I can get this information?

  4. There are two groups of “people’s rooms” that you might want to add.

    First, every Target store with a pharmacy has a gender-free bathroom near the pharmacy. Sometimes it’s not labeled as a bathroom, but you can ask at the counter; you’ll never be asked to buy something (except possibly in Manhattan and the like).

    Second, most Florida highway rest areas have “family restrooms”. In some cases, the restrooms are in two buildings joined by a roof over a common area, and the family restroom is set into the women’s building; people perceived as male may get odd looks when walking toward that building, and people in the family restroom can hear and be heard by the people in the women’s restroom. (So if you take a call on a cell phone, and your voice is perceived as male, you may alarm some people.)

  5. …and by the way, since many of those rest areas belong more to a highway than to a city or town, I’d suggest two changes: first, the ability to give GPS coordinates for a restroom, and second, a way of listing genderfree restrooms near major highways. People planning a road trip from Key West to New Orleans, for example, might want to print out and bring lists of genderfree restrooms on “Florida’s Turnpike”, “I-75: Florida”, “I-10: Florida”, “I-10: Alabama”, “I-10: Mississippi”, and “I-10: Louisiana”.

  6. Joeuf Says:

    Je m’excuse de ne pas être tres a l’aise avec votre langue mais si vous n’êtes pas a l’aise avec la mienne, on est quitte 😉
    Et moi qui croyait être un Grand génie en ayant l’idée de toilettes mixte, je crois que j’me suis foutu le doigt dans l’oeil 😀
    Alors voila quelques graphiques appuyant votre démarche:

  7. Miriam Says:

    Does anyone know where I could get some signs for the restroom that indicate that it is:
    a- gender-free
    b- accessible for people with disabilities

    Without using weird binary/ablist symbols such as:
    a- skirtgirl and pantsboy with the binary line down the middle
    b- a wheelchair


    • Jonathan Says:

      Hey. Did you ever find those signs? I’m trying to find signage that is ADA but isn’t the traditional binary sign. Thanks!

      • Michelle Malette Says:

        Just using the word Washroom works well. Its a clear indicator that the space is available to everyone.

  8. Conrad Says:


    When I tried to click “Accessibility” from the Add page, I got a
    404 error. I’m using Mozilla.
    Didn’t know where else to “report” this.

    Saw an article in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, so will add quite
    a few that we have here at the University of Illinois at Chicago
    (as distinct from University of Chicago).

  9. Kevin Says:

    Let me second the highway idea. I was going to add a bathroom that is on I-95 north of Baltimore, MD, but I can’t find the name of the city the rest stop is located in. Even the state’s highway department lists it by county.

    But really, I don’t think anyone would search for the name of that county, they’d be searching for a bathroom on that highway in that state.

    Just a suggestion, keep up the good work.

  10. Melina Says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

  11. Yhanks you Says:

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  12. John Says:

    There may be copyright issue, but the Vindigo ( product has bathroom listing for some of the cities they support. It started in NYC, so that’s where they have the best coverage (568). If it’s not cool to dump their listing, maybe you could get them to sponsor your site with a free license to their data.

  13. […] [website] [blog] [resource page] [san francisco […]

  14. Jeremiah Williamson Says:

    hey im jeremiah williamson and i went to the buger king in union square in san francisco and i was told to go to the mens restroom i refused so he got a security guard to tell me to go in the mens line. i said no and did not want to. i told him there is no law preventing me a gender queer person to do so. He still told me so i had to go and went in the mens and didnt feel comfortable doing so. So after telling them this isnt the last to here from me i said. i went to the LGBT center on market and got a 50 page law penal code to tell them i have a right to go in there. i went and showed them that to the manager and still he told me i couldnt!

    what can i do after this?

  15. SARichard Says:

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  19. eos Says:


    I’m not trans gender or anything but finding a sight on this so easy makes me think stuff like ” there is hope for society” and cheesy junk like that ‘cuz I’m cheesy. it gave me some new stuff for my debate (most of the point I was gonna make was that it put unnecessary walls between the genders, but it’s gonna turn up moor equal now) which will really help me kick but.

    I’m even thinking I’m going to more into it than just that. I’M GONNA FIGIN’ BOOKMARK THIS!!! XD!!!

    thank you guys ^_^

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  21. gender free Says:

    university of maryland, college park gender-free restroom list

    (on campus- all new construction and significant retro-fitting must have at least one gender-free bathroom)

  22. ferry Says:

    great ideas
    see american pie 5, where there is co-mate bathroom,where all gender share the same bathroom. they can see all gender naked and create chemistry inside the room

  23. suwantorof Says:

    i guess that is the bad idea for neutral bathroom,
    it could create conflict between gender or maybe some love chemistry,

  24. admin Says:

    great ideas and innovations.
    it may work in the future , after new neutral gender is recognized

  25. raysu Says:

    it may be used for bad purposes. no one know and scan the right thing about gender

  26. Reihsa Says:

    Hi, thinking of what ferry said make me smile. Thanks for the list.
    best regards,

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  29. Very interesting resource.
    Not aware of any gender neutral
    bathrooms in the UK

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  31. Hey I don’t know if I can post here. I ran into an issue with a bathroom in Minneapolis. I am a M2F transsexual and ran into an issue in the Gay 90’s. For those of you that don’t know me I have been transitioning for 3 years now. I have never had an issue anywhere except the Gay 90s. I am only posting here because if a transsexual can have issues in the correct bathroom I can only imagine what other people must be going though. Please join me and fight this. I have posted on the Gay 90s wall on facebook: What they did is against the law and they have been kicking out transsexuals for some time now.

  32. Angela Interrante Says:

    Are there specific bldg codes that require single stall bathrooms to put sign on the doors that say Men or women. I am a grad student at ASU and we are doing a term paper on this. Any information you have would be helpful

  33. Pill AZ Says:

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  34. Loni Says:

    well after finding this site i see things are still all muddled up around the world, but in my searching i have found even here in california most bigger stores and all malls are splitting the hair and have put in “family” rest rooms.
    single use, locking doors, cleaner and even have smaller toilets for the kids, plenty of room, but to my dismay i have not checked for disability use…this is something i should do as my mom has a back problem.

    all of these gender neutral bath rooms are hard to find and only in places were a group has pushed it through the courts to achieve.
    looks like the family room is going to be the best way for now.

    but as for you law students out there please list up any laws stating men use only/womens use only. changing these laws is the best way to start “cleaning house”.


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  39. cristina Says:

    Hey. …Did you ever find those signs? I’m trying to find signage that is ADA but isn’t the traditional binary sign. Thanks! 🙂

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  42. stephen Says:

    great site, very useful info. i would only add that a big part of “accessible” includes difficulty/ease in opening the door, from both sides. i used a restroom in the harn museum in gainesville, fl, that had automatic openers going in and out. i hope to see more of this.

  43. […] also looked at more recent bathroom projects: particularly ones designed to highlight or make more available genderqueer and trans-friendly […]

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  46. […] Gender Neutral Bathroom Resources | blog […]

  47. […] Gender Neutral Bathroom Resources | blog […]

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  53. Tommy Says:

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  55. […] An app that allows the user to search and locate bathrooms nearby (in NYC). This app will focus on gender neutral and accessible bathrooms. It will have a playful […]

  56. lisa Says:

    there’s also Genderqueer Australia’s Toilart –

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