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safe2pee mobile app

July 17, 2009

safe2pee mobile

After a long hiatus we have decided to update safe2pee! In addition to a new API, and many changes behind the scenes (the ability to modify /erase entries is coming, we promise!), we’re launching a mobile app.

The most exciting feature for us is the ‘nearby’ button, which uses your phone’s GPS (or other location capabilities) to determine your physical location and bathrooms within the vicinity (currently this works on iphone/ipod touch 3.0 software and android phones). We hope to soon expand this for bathroom submission.

If you would like to check it out you can visit it at or simply from your mobile device.

Please note that we do not store any information about your location. It is transmitted for the purpose of generating a list of nearby gender neutral bathrooms and immediately discarded. The whole process is opt-in, you are likely prompted to allow safe2pee to use your location before viewing the results.

This service is based on an draft of a new web standard and is known to work with Google Android and Ipod Touch/Iphone 3.0 Software. If you know of other phones or browsers that include this capability, please let us know (info at, we want to see it work on many as possible! One of the advantages of writing a web application over platform specific is that works for many more people. If you know a particular platform well and have the inclination, you can write your own app with our API

From your home computer you can use these capabilities via Firefox 3.5, Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari 4 (an attached GPS device is required for this browser).