numbers speak volumes…

April 9, 2007

I’ve always been a fan of numbers, and believe that stats can be very telling. here are a few of ours.

The basics:

6,000 – 30,000 Visitors a Month

685 Bathrooms

201 Unique Cities


7 Photos

We’re really happy with all of the contributions that we have received, but compared to the demand we’ve only made a small dent (so far). Keep those submissions coming! We especially need locations in small towns.

The number of cities people have requested bathrooms for: 1,490. That means we only have bathrooms for a little over 13% of the places where people requested them! Granted information for places like portland or san francisco are most often requested, the lack of info for many small locales is unfortunate. i’m ever so tempted to take a road trip and scout bathrooms in small town america…

Bathroom Breakdown


Gender Free: 549 (~ 80%)

Gendered: 136 (~ 20%)


Accessible: 407 (~ 60%)

Unknown or Not Accessible: 278 ( ~ 40%)

This stat was a little alarming too. I have suspicions that a lot of the not accessibles might also be bathrooms of unknown status. We’ve linked to the great info at PISSAR and would love ideas on how we could succinctly but more comprehensively express access considerations to folks. We’re working on some ways to make it so you can modify submission attributes, so hopefully that will allow people to investigate a bathroom further and update things!

Availability (Feature introduced long after launch)

Unknown or Not Set: 338 (~ 50%)

Stroll Right In: 191 (~ 28%)

Act like you know what you’re doing: 49 (~ 7%)

Sneak In: 26 (~ 4%)

Free if the right person is working: 10 (~ 1%)

Free if you flirt with Employees!: 6 ( < 1%)

You Should/Must buy something: 45 (~ 7%)

Pay Toilet: 3 ( < 1%)

ID or Admission required: 7 ( ~ 1%)

I think in all, it was a worthwhile effort to compile these numbers. it gives an interesting breakdown of where we are now and what we need to do to improve our service. enjoy.


One Response to “numbers speak volumes…”

  1. Sam Says:

    It would be great to add airports and colleges to this list. I know when I started to transition on my campus the GLBT director found me a very not up to date list. Some people may not have a GLBT director or not want to ask. Making that available here would be great.

    As far as airports a lot of them have family restrooms, but not all. Would be nice to know if its worth the look. It’s one of the hardest places to make a decision based on your use of identification through security and to the plane.

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