so i’m a nerd…

March 29, 2007

OK, this more or less satisfies a deep down nerdy fantasy of mine, and despite serious criticisms and reservations I have about the mainstream media, it’s somewhat of a guilty pleasure: we’ve been mentioned in WIRED magazine, and safe2pee is getting a huge amount of exposure because of it!

Many in queer and radical communities have embraced the site, and for that we are very thankful …. but I am also pleasantly surprised by how much credit and support nerd/geek communities have given the project. Certainly those communities can overlap, but it makes me smile a little extra. Perhaps these are forward thinking people who see connections between the cyborg and queering gender? Okay, well, maybe that’s asking a lot? Often time the language used in these tech venues does not fully express the breadth of the project but I think it is a good and important start!

I just talked with a friend in Oregon who said safe2pee had been mentioned at BRO meetings, a co-worker who visited Canada and the said someone up there mentioned the site in conversation (an early morning interview for RedEye, on Vancouver Co-op radio) which makes me think either a lot of people know about the project or the world is a very, very small place.

If you see the magazine, you can check it out on about page 40, or online in “The Best Google Maps Mashups.” If you want to know more, read this kick-ass article by the ever-so-cool Annalee Newitz, I think it captures us well, or check out some of the fantastic and amazing bloggers who wrote about us. This is only a few of the many people online who are responsible for the project being where it is, if you’d like to see more posts check out this page

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for me personally, though I think things may be beginning to settles down and there will be more time available to start some more advocacy / action campaigns locally in SF, with the hope to grow.

Thank you!

XOXO~ Bailey

Bathroom Liberation Front


2 Responses to “so i’m a nerd…”

  1. ConanTheLibrarian Says:

    Well, I started out on the Austinist, went through the links in this entry, and I must add there are more than geeks and cyborgs who are with you. Try a 54 year-old straight married Euro-American male with so many external and internal hemorrhoids a Proctologist offered me a bulk rate for hemorrhoidectomies. I’ve had two sphincter abscesses, so I go through sterile field techniques when I have a bowel movement, and I have been frisked, monitored and been subject of the most incredible on-the-job rumors under suspicion of “smoking in the boys room” because of the smell of Hospital-Strength Lysol, or 20% bleach and alcohol swabs.

    I was fascinated with the brief article on Prof. Butler and the links I followed from there. As the son of a WWII Army nurse who was made an auxiliary officer of the 2nd Gurkha Rifles and inducted in the Nagra Tribe of headhunters as a 12 year-old male, and a mom, and a professional and dozens of other identities and a part-time Mr. Mom who assumes shopping and cooking responsibilities, and whose Merit Scholar daughter’s first TV heroes were Steve Irwin and Emerile Lagasse, I can only say “BOOYAH!” to queering gender discussion.

    Oh, I also played a 1950’s M.D. in the fiction follow-up by the director of “One in 2,000”, so if you see “Family Secret” at a festival near you, I hope you boo Dr. Green’s appearance. I originally wanted to make him as despicable as Ralph Fiennes in “Schindler’s List”, but Ajae thought that was too far.

    Best wishes, and potty equity for all!!

  2. hemroids Says:

    try this is good

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