picture perfect

February 2, 2007

Hey there,

Getting the word out about our site is going well … we’ve been written up in Portland’s queer paper, Just Out! Yay Portland … again.

So, a couple of folks have suggested that we should make flyers, t-shirts, stickers and things like that, to promote the site itself and for the “liberating” of traditionally gendered bathrooms.

If you have any ideas or catchy phrases or designs please let us know. I put together the two flyers to promote the site below (basically inverted copies) , but then again I’m not really a graphics person, so if some of you out there want to share beautiful things with us we’d be happy to post them and give you tons of credit. I have screen-printing supplies and live in close proximity to thirft stores, but if anyone has mad-connections in the print or t-shirt making world we’d love to hear from you too 🙂

safe2peeflyer safe2pee flyer #2

These are CC sharealike, so do anything you want with them. Hi-res, print quality versions are here (white background) and over here (black background). They should fit on a 8.5×11 piece of paper with room to spare.

Emi Koyama has some cool fuck your gender fliers for bathrooms (and elevators)! And PISSAR has some rad screened shirts:

P.S. Our email provider is having some trouble, so if you emailed us and no one has responded, either our response has not gone through or your email is still backed up in a queue!


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