minor update

February 1, 2007


we made a couple of minor changes including reversing the columns on the site and adding an explaination about the tag cloud. we’re working on a feedback/flagging system and continuing to look at options for enhancing the geocoding to work internationally.

There’s still an odd problem with google maps in internet explorer, but I think we’ve found the answer and it has to do with IE’s handling of javascript —- it’s more about where in the page you place code than the actual code, so that will hopefully be easy to resolve.

expect more serious updates friday.

on another note, we’re super excited that the project has taken off. we love all of the feedback that we are receiving, so please keep it coming; it helps us to move forward with the project and shape our future ideas.

there seem to be more and more sites online that are directed at queers, but so many are shallow attempts to capitalize on the queer (or as they would say, GLBT or ‘gay and lesbian’) market segment. We hope that our effort can inspire others to create resources to empower queers to organize and work together online and in their local communities.


p.s. we’ve also been written up on the Oregonian’s QPDX blog, yay portland!


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