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press releaseish thing

January 26, 2007

San Francisco, CA

Friday January 26, 2007

For Immediate Release


Several ambitious¬† genderqueers are working to create a “mashup” style gender neutral bathroom directory.

Fed up violence and harassment faced by gender variant people in public bathrooms, a group based in the San Francisco Bay Area (with contributors/members elsewhere), has launched a nationwide web directory known as safe2pee ( Having been online for a little over two weeks, the site has received over 300 bathroom submissions in 70 cities.

The project features map plots of bathrooms, a tag cloud, information about accessibility and community features including the ability to comment and add pictures. At a time when similar projects have disappeared, safe2pee hopes to maintain a legacy by mirroring bathroom data elsewhere, and when stable, licensing their web site code as open-source. A project organizer, Bailey X, says that data is available under creative commons, and that the group encourages others to incorporate it into research and other projects. Ze says the project directs development based upon community feedback, “because it is the best way to serve the needs of those who use our site.”

The group, known as, promises more features, and resources, including a bathroom action guide and support for international locations, un the near future. They are open to dialogue, feedback and suggestions at info at safe2pee dot org



updates, or, lack there of.

January 26, 2007

No updates lately, I’ve been very short on time because of the San Francisco apartment search, which for those of you who have been a part of, know it’s not kind. You go to see a dive, and there are 20 other people there, all well-dressed, 10 years older with six figure salaries and SUVs. On top of that, if you’re lucky enough to be chosen, you have to round up around $3000 dollars to move in, and that’s just a one bedroom!

So that said, I think I’ve found a place, so life will be back to normal very, very soon. Expect new features and fixes to the existing features soon. The maps are having some issues in some versions of internet explorer; this is a problem we are looking into. We are still working on interational support — but it poses a more complex problem than first imagined and we’re going to have to replace the geo-coding parts of our code in order to do this. Have no fear, site users shouldn’t notice a thing, changes will be strictly on the backend and will probably improve our reliability!

Also, we’ve been Dugg. So if you’re one of those Digg people help us move up the ladder!

Wrong Bathroom Documentary

January 19, 2007

Here’s a short and amusing documentary on gender neutral bathrooms, enjoy! Created by shane star productions


January 19, 2007


You may have seen our changlog … but we thought we might put it in blog form so it would be a bit easier to syndicate and follow. We’ve also started to compile resources which you can find on the resource page of this blog! A few more folks will hopefully be joining this project, so stay tuned for more posts and authors.

In case you’re new to the site, we’ve recently added the ability to upload images and are working on a whole host of new features. Expect more soon!